We love Craft Beer! …and we want to share this passion with you!

In our 2-hour Tastings, we want to focus on your mini-groups of up to 14 people and we want to show you our world of endless possibilities.

During our tastings, you don`t only get a taste of our variety of experimental beer creations, but we`ll also introduce you to our favorites from a wide array of international and local breweries. Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Sour?!… Don`t worry, if these don`t immediately ring a bell, during our tastings we will introduce you to all of them and we`ll answer all the questions you might have about making beer. We`ll explain malt, hops and yeasts and how these are relevant to what we do. Step-by-step we`ll walk you through the brewing process influencing the beer you drink.

In addition to the great beer, we’ll serve fresh bread with salt and butter. This is the best combination to fully concentrate on the different tastes, aromas and smells.

Disclaimer: Beer Tastings are a group thing, beer is a together thing! For the very best experience we need a minimum group size of 6 people. If we do not meet this size one week before the tasting takes place, we will cancel the tasting and search for an alternative time.

Want to gift our Tasting first and figure the details out later? We gotcha!

Our Gift Coupons are great presents for any occasion! Coupons are valid for 1 year and the value applicable for any Tasting!

Our Tastings

Taste our world: Our most “ordinary” Tasting, nonetheless an extra-“ordinary” experience. A bit of everything, a lot of new experiences. The perfect introduction to the World of Craft Beer!

November 2019

Friday, 29. November, starts at 20:00

December 2019

Friday, 13 December, starts at 18:00

January 2020

Friday, 17 January, starts at 18:00

February 2020

Saturday, 01 February, starts at 20:00
Saturday, 15 February, starts at 20:00
Friday, 28 February, starts at 18:30

March 2020

Saturday, 14 March, starts at 19:00
Friday, 27 March, starts at 18:30

Our Specials: These are extra special. We`ll focus on one area, like an assortment of stouts, or IPAs, and over the course of several weeks, we`ll gather an assortment of awesome beers in preparation for the specialized tastings. By us, for you. Truly special!

next dates: interested?— write us tasting@freistil.beer

The Rebel-ation: Off the beaten path of seminars, we make our own path into rebellious new lands. In Conjunction with our friends we offer a truly extraordinary experience that we guarantee you won`t forget! Unlike anything you`ve ever seen, always different, always a revelation. Or should I say, a rebel-ation!

next dates: …to be announced

You can book our tastings online or send us an E-mail at Tastings@Freistil.beer! You`re looking for something extra special? An exclusive Tasting at a location of your choice? A company Event? A Team-event? Feel free to ask, we`ll make it work!